Our History

Teritex has been manufacturing scarves in its Nottinghamshire factory since the very early 1980s.  Having initially supplied printed wristbands to the major UK football clubs, the company was asked if it could also supply matching scarves. Hence, Teritex started producing many thousands of the Traditional 70s style, more open knit Bar scarf - ”Alf Garnet “ style in club colours. However, the clubs then started asking whether it would be possible to incorporate their club crest and name within the scarf. Hence, in the early 1980s, the company also started to produce the printed acrylic scarf, a single thickness acrylic scarf, directly screen printed in a single colour print with the club logo at each end and the club name on one side of the scarf. This product proved tremendously successful with all the major clubs, who ordered in their many thousands often to be packed with a mug as part of a scarf and mug set.

In the meantime, the company was investigating the possibility of knitting in the club logo and name into a knitted scarf, and eventually started supplying such scarves to the football league. So successful was this product that the major 1st Division (now Premiership) clubs and international large clubs (primarily in Germany) pre booked Teritex’s production for months in advance.

The company couldn’t keep up with demand such that in the early 1990s, the company purchased a number of large (primarily 10gg) computerized kitting machines that significantly increased production to several thousand scarves per week. The company ran 24 hours / day to keep up with demand especially from its German wholesale customers and large UK clubs. To this day, Teritex utilizes computerised CAD/ CAM machinery to generate high quality scarves with fast response times. This is especially important for quick turnarounds in Cup finals or major international events. Teritex developed its own software to generate the design, which is now used in conjunction with its online design facility at www.teritexdesigner.co.uk enabling customers to produce their own designs online and then submit to Teritex for comment / production.

Within the last 10 years, the company has been building up its sublimation digital printing facility having dispensed with the direct screen printing some years ago. The scarves that it produces in 3 styles (standard, fleece and silk) have incredibly hi-res, hi quality print, enabling hi res graphics to be printed on these 100% polyester scarves. Photos etc. can be printed – ideal for promotional and corporate end uses. These scarves are popular for corporate end uses and for soccer clubs in warmer climates (e.g. USA where there is an ever increasing demand for this product).

Teritex is continually developing new scarf ideas; the infinity fashion scarf, the fashion style loop scarf with an integral loop, the pocket scarf with integral pockets, the hoodie scarf , with an integral hood or all 3 combined ! For many years, the company has held the Patent Office design registration for the mini car scarf with a suction pad at each end to stick to your car windscreen. Scarves are available also with and without fringes- the latter for that college look! The company still produces the Traditional Bar Scarf and regularly embroiders its scarves to add that VIP element! Scarves can also be ribbed to add interest to the structure / feel of the scarf or can have ripple stitches to make it just that bit different! Children’s and toddler versions are available for most options - sometimes with a pom at each end. In fact, Teritex can produce to whatever (within reason!) dimensions the customer requires, including the gigantic Jumbo scarf which is 4 times bigger than a standard Jacquard scarf !

Teritex has the facility with its knitted scarf production to produce scarves with up to 7 colours though the lower the number of colours, the softer the feel of the scarf. Of course, with its printed scarves, full colour process is possible.

Teritex's sister company in Romania, Teritex Romania can offer cable knit / chunky knit scarves which are usually embroidered with club or company logos.

Scarves are now being used for a multitude of merchandise end uses other than for football fashion, product promotion, corporate events the customized scarf will always be in demand and Teritex will be there to satisfy that demand with its vast range of different scarf style options.