Top tips for designing the perfect promotional concert or football scarf

A custom designed scarf is a great way to promote an event such as a sports fixture or concert, and is a popular choice for fans who want a souvenir of the occasion, but what makes the perfect scarf and how do you go about designing it?  The options can seem bewildering but don’t panic – here are Teritex’s top scarf designing tips to get you started.

  1. Decide whether your design is best suited to a knitted scarf or a printed scarf
  2. Decide on the style of you scarf - traditional, contemporary or leading edge
  3. Design around the limitations of the type and style of scarf that you have chosen e.g max. number of colours, intricacy of graphics etc.
  4. Check you colour combinations - does your foreground stand out from the background?
  5. Consider embroidery for very intricate designs
  6. Ask an expert - the designers at Teritex are always happy to help
  7. Use our online scarf designer for inspiration
  8. Now you have you design why not apply it to more products, such as hats and gloves?
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Teritex produce two main types of scarf – knitted and printed – and each sort have their benefits so your first decision will be:

“Is my design best suited to a knitted scarf or a printed scarf?”

Printed Scarves

Image of printed football scarf  - top scarf design tip - choose between knitted or printed scarvesA lot of scarf manufacturers will advise you to keep your design simple, but at Teritex we have the technology to print hi-resolution graphics onto scarves, so if your design is particularly intricate then a printed scarf is your best option.  Printed scarves are made from standard polyester with further options being made from either polyester fleece or polyester “silk” - so you will also want to consider the climate and time of year when making your decision – fleece is a great choice for colder weather and the standard polyester and “silk” polyester are great choices for warm weather.  Because there are very few design limitations with a printed scarf you simply need to decide what you want to have on your scarf and the Teritex design team can create it for you.

Knitted Scarves

A very popular choice is the knitted scarf.  These can range from a very simple plain, bar or stripe pattern to a more complicated design incorporating text and simple images, and can be embellished with fringes and embroidered designs.  Teritex can produce knitted scarves in a lot of different styles and finishes so your next decision will be:

“Do I want my knitted scarf to be traditional, contemporary or leading edge?”

To help with this decision a great way to start would be to browse the Teritex website and have a look at all the options that are available.  Traditional scarves would include the bar, granny, 60’s/70’s and Jacquard scarves (Jacquard Image of jacquard knitted 3D scarf - top scarf design tip - consider cutting edge stylesscarves have the design knitted into the fabric of the scarf and are named after the French inventor of a loom that could have designs “programmed” into it).  For a more contemporary scarf why not consider the infinity, pocket/hoodie or loop styles.  Or if you want your scarf to really stand out from the crowd then our most recent innovations include the 3D scarf and the deluxe soft feel scarf.  Teritex has also recently developed a high-definition knitted scarf which has a wonderfully soft feel to it and can incorporate a much more detailed design (e.g. recognisable faces) than a traditionally knitted scarf.

Know your limitations
Although Teritex uses the latest technology in the production of its scarves this technology does have limitations, and these will differ depending on the type and style of scarf that you have chosen.  The biggest limitation is usually the number of colours that you can use in your design so once you have decided on your scarf type then it is advisable to ask the Teritex design team what limitations may apply to that type.  The complexity of a design will also be limited when being represented by the stitches in a scarf.
If you are including text in your design then remember that the more text you have the smaller it will have to be to fit in the space available so keep your message concise.

Colour and contrast
Image of jacquard knitted scarf with fringe to illustrate top scarf design tip - use contrasting coloursThe colours you use in your design may be dictated by pre-existing factors such as your team’s colours, or you may be free to choose whatever colours you want.  Teritex can source yarns in a wide range of colours but again, there are limitations, so check with our design team if you want to use a very specific colour.
Another thing to bear in mind is colour contrast.  Your design will mostly be being viewed from a distance so make sure that items such as text contrast well with their background.  For instance yellow text on a white background does not show up well at a distance, but white text on a black background does. 

Consider embroidery for intricate design details

If you are struggling to represent your design on a knitted scarf due to its colours or complexity then you may want to consider having it embroidered onto the scarf instead.  This is a great way to show off a detailed club crest or corporate logo for instance, and gives your scarf a real touch of quality.
Send us your design

Once you are happy with your design send us a description or image of it along with your contact details and quantity required.  We can then then use your design and any additional information that we require to provide you with a no obligation quote.

We are always happy to help

If you require any advice or assistance with your design then our friendly and helpful design team are here to help.  Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Design online

Teritex have developed an easy to use online scarf designer to help you.  Ideally suited to the design of knitted scarves it includes numerous ready-made background designs, including our popular half-and-half designs which are Image of online football scarf designer to illustrate top scarf design tip - use Teritex online designerperfect for a specific cup final for instance.  Just choose one you like, select the colours to use, add up to three lines of text and two logos and finish off with a fringe if desired.  You can then submit your design to our design team who can tweak it if necessary and provide you with a no-obligation quote.  Find our online scarf designer at
Other products

Once you have your design worked out why not apply it to other products such as hats, gloves and other promotional sportswear and novelty goods?  We offer a wide range of options and are always happy to advise on what is available and how your design can be utilised.

And finally…

Just one last thought – today’s football and concert scarves are tomorrow’s sports and music memorabilia and could become collector’s items!