Custom designed Flags and Banners

Our 100% polyester flags are 1.1m x 0.68m at their standard size., though we can produce upto 1.0m x 1.5m if necessary. They can be produced as banners or as flags.

The flags are sublimation digitally printed on one side (shows through very slightly on the other). This means that photos/hi res multi- colour graphics etc can be achieved – especially important for rock/heavy metal/pop fabric postes (see attached photos).

They come with a slot sewn in for a stick (available at extra cost)

We can also add ties to the top, so that they can also be worn as a cloak, an example of which is our popular "Kit Cloak".

Various other options are available including car flags where a special plastic stick is used to attach the customized flag to the car window.

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Pair of printed polyester football team flags manufactured by Teritex 
 Example of a printed polyester banner made by Teritex
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